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  1. 1- Personal presentation: Hi friends, my name is Bruno, I'm 24 years old and I'm from Brazil 2- Tell us about yourself: I started playing in 2011 at SAMP and in 2013 I came to MTA to play on BR SERVERS, then FFS, TG, LxG. A few years later (2015- 2020) I started playing on TFF, XpR, PIA, Vultaic, FoXX, Lumiverse servers among others And in 2021 I ended up stopping playing because I lost my computer, moved to another city, new perspectives on life and got married (rip) But I'm back to playing now 100% 3- Clans in which you have been: sK - Skilled (closed) UnG - closed PiA - closed FoXX - Left after change of leadership Ravens - closed xz - left inactive 4- What type of player (DM/WFF/DD)? Wff and hdm 5- What are your goals in "Zeitgeist"? Well, as I was already in the clan and ended up leaving due to inactivity (I was the one who wanted to leave, as I wasn't playing anymore) so I know what the environment is like and how they are united as a family. I would like to help you in any way I can. 6-How can we contact you? discord:Herowz#4872
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