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News#6 | ZEITGEIST4 : DMCT, DD Squad ,Members Update & MORE..

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Xz, entering the 5th! It's a privilege to declare a remarkable milestone in the tale of our clan. Hitting our 4th anniversary ! That's truly a wealth of  moments upon reflection. What kicked off as an ordinary team blossomed into a phenomenal sensation. We've amassed a trove of achievements, triumphed in countless clanwars, and introduced an array of unforgettable updates throughout our journey.

As a successful year goes down, we will raise our glasses to its achievements, cherish its lessons, and eagerly embrace the promise of the new one rising before us.

Now, Let's take a moment for a swift rundown of this year's highlights , updates and a glimpse into our exciting plans for the future.







After an intense battle between Ronaldo , Botond and Vander, Ronaldo emerged as the deserving champion, clinching the first ZHT title with a remarkable performance throughout the whole tournament . Congratulations!


Standings and Stats:


# Player Grand Final   PTS Total   Hunters Total PTS       
🏆 Ronaldo 27 4 109
🥈 Botond 23 10 110
🥉 Vander 21 6 87
4 Facup 16 9 88
5 Naval 16 7 97
6 Unzor 15 7 88
7 Zei 13 9 92
8 Shondex 12 8 98
# Player   Players who scored most points in one game    
🎖️ Speed 45    
2 Shondex 42    
3 Naval 37    
4 Sheldon 36    
5 Shine 36    
# Player                                   Most wins                                                              
🎖️ Ronaldo 22    
2 Botond 19    
3 Shondex 15    
4 Naval 14    



Thank You !

Ryder, venoo, Beyto, Torque, Lolita, Kreet, Sheldon, Astro, Shine, Flavio, Sky, Tsae, Shade

We would like to thank everyone, who made this tournament as smooth as it was.Overall, we dare to say it is one of the best HDM Tournamants in the history of MTA racing, if not the best.

Special Thanks 

A heartfelt shoutout to @ Xz'ryderawr for being the generous sponsor of this incredible event! Your support makes all the difference.

(for more information about it: Please Click Here)







In an epic showdown lasting 3 hours and 30 minutes, the Grand Final reached a climactic 6-6 score until XpR seized the ultimate point, securing the championship! Kudos to XpR for an outstanding feat in claiming victory for the first two seasons of EF DM.


Yci0r04.png Zeitgeist


This triumph is a testament to our team's resilience and hard work. Achieving second place is no small feat, signaling that the DM Squad harbors the potential to ascend to the summit. Huge gratitude to this skilled and dedicated team.Your efforts are truly valued! As we look forward, the excitement builds to not just replicate but surpass this success, aiming for the coveted first place in 2024.

The journey continues, and we're ready for the challenge!


Again , massive thanks to  Elite Players  for curating an epic event that fueled our passion and showcased our skills ! Your dedication made it an unforgettable experience.

(for more information about it: Please Click Here)







Introducing the Unstoppable Force - DD Squad !


Born on September 2nd, 2023, this powerhouse trio, led by  @ Xz'Core , alongside the skilled players @ Xz'kittenRjers and @ Xz'Forrester , has been an absolute sensation. With an awe-inspiring performance, they've conquered numerous clan wars, emerging victorious in a staggering 57 out of 59 battles, showcasing their unwavering prowess and exceptional teamwork. 




Get ready to witness their relentless determination and unrivaled skill as they continue to dominate the DD realm!

Make sure to check out DD Squad Clanwars page for more info: click here!






And to properly celebrate this special anniversary, we are adding fresh meat to our own rows:

Welcome and enjoy your stay!

*Current applicants who would be considered for the next rounds of voting: Natz and Joaozinho and umut





@ Xz'Nahar  has been promoted to Member
-  @ Xz'Lolita  has been promoted to Member (streamer)

@ Xz'quashy  has been promoted to Manager (WFF Clanwar Manager assistant)

We extend our sincerest gratitude to these individuals for their unwavering loyalty to the clan. As of now, they stand among the esteemed   Xz's Goldgeist.

- @ Xz'ryderawr  has been promoted to Xz's Goldgeist
@ Xz'vnd  has been been promoted to Xz's Goldgeist
@ Xz'cleanmetal  has been promoted to Xz's Goldgeist
@ Xz'Nipy  has been promoted to Xz's Goldgeist

And finally the rise of a new co-leader among us! Congratulations on this well-deserved promotion, your dedication and leadership qualities truly shine through. Here's to the exciting journey ahead with your valuable guidance and contributions to our team.

@ Xz'Ceno  has been promoted to Co-Leader















We've had many clanwars this year (34), here's the results of the most exciting and intense ones :

HDM section:

xz (Zeitgeist) 87 - 62 (Elite Players) eP

xz (Zeitgeist) 75 - 76 (Xenous) Xen

xz (Zeitgeist) 888 - 761 (Xtreme Pro Racers) |-XpR-|

xz (Zeitgeist) 80 - 65 (Xenous) Xen

xz (Zeitgeist) 83 - 71 (The Favoured Few) TfF

xz (Zeitgeist) 866 - 869 (The Favoured Few) TfF

WFF section:

xz (Zeitgeist) 70 - 70 (Relentless Fury) 7F

xz (Zeitgeist) 77 - 63 (Synergy) Syn

xz (Zeitgeist) 71 - 69 (Ninety's) 90's

xz (Zeitgeist) 52 - 88 (Elite Players) eP

DM section:


xz (Zeitgeist) 12 - 8 (Xtreme Pro Racers) |-XpR-|

xz (Zeitgeist) 8 - 5 (Xenous) Xen

xz (Zeitgeist) 10 - 3 (Elite Players) eP

xz (Zeitgeist) 6 - 7 (Xtreme Pro Racers) |-XpR-|

xz (Zeitgeist) 10 - 10 (inner Peace) 2'


  GG WP each team!




























Ever pondered who reigned as the supreme WFF player from 2016 to 2019?  Was it Naval, Torene, or perhaps Anwix?

Also in 2022, despite a flurry of HDM clan wars, there was no individual tour. So, how do we unearth the top player of that year?

However, in 2021, Antar claimed victory in OSR 1, while Krazy dominated WFF OS 11. The question arises: who truly outshone the other that year?

Here's the answer to all these questions:



The DM Challenger Tour


The DM Challenger Tour serves as an intricate system designed not only for the current competitive landscape of DM but also as a means to archive and track players' performances across time, thereby preserving the DM's history. Here's how: (if you are familiar with tennis ranking system , you'll get the idea) https://www.atptour.com/en/rankings/singles 




The DM Challenger Tour ranking is a system used to rank players  based on their performance in tournaments ( individual / clan-based) and clanwars over the whole year. This ranking system helps determine the seeding of players in tournaments and their overall standing in DM community.

  • The ranking system relies on a points-based method, where players earn points based on their results in tournaments and clanwars.
  • The DMCT ranking points are awarded over a rolling 47-week period, meaning that a player's ranking is based on their results from the last 47 weeks.(21/01/2023 - 22/12/2024).
  • To spice things up, by year-end, the top eight players in each category will go head-to-head in an epic faceoff. This showdown will determine the undisputed champions, and the winners won't just claim bragging rights - they'll snag some awesome prizes to solidify their status as the very best.

We understand if the concept seems a bit unclear right now( we wanted to keep things short and simple). Detailed information about DMCT will be shared right after New Year's Eve, offering a comprehensive and clearer picture of what's in store. Stay tuned for all the exciting details! 



Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,

Xz'Fars and Zeitgeist Leadership.




Make sure to join Zeitgeist discord server  69Tigap.png

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