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  2. 1.Personal Presentation My name is David [Raziax] 21years old, Cambodia> 2.Tell us about yourself[Story of your career in MTA]: My journey began seven years ago, when my friend introduced me to playing MTA on a server named FFS. I played PTP, but after I played it for half a year, I started to get bored and wanted to play another game mode. I took an interest in Shooter but I played it on the TG server. Later on the same server i visited the DM room i was stunned how cool this gamemode looked and started to play until today, and i met a guy named Flex He introduced me to a clan named Executive Gaming and experienced my first clan and clan war. 3.Clans in which you have been(Time you were in it, rank and exit reason): Executive Gaming | exe. Was in inactived Zephyros | Zs Clan Closed Legendary Seven | L7 Left Inactive clan Most Valuable Player | MvP# Closed 4.What type of player (DM/WFF/DD) Nowadays I play DM/WFF/SH I trying to be a HDM player. 5.What are yours goal in "Zeigeist" I want to join Xz to improve my skills in DM/Shooter, I like competition also i want to play more cw. 6.How can we contact you Discord Raziax
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